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书法笔尖 |钢笔笔尖 – Conway Stewart


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Calligraphy Replacement Nibs

Why not treat yourself to a calligraphy nib that you can simply swop with your "day to day" nib on your Conway Stewart pen? Have the ability to write those special "Thank You" notes in script hand-writing with line variation.

There are 2 types of calligraphy nibs available: 

  1. Gold plated steel 1.1mm calligraphy nib. This nib again gives a good line variation, and is less sharp so smoother.
  2. Gold plated steel 1.5mm calligraphy nib. This nib gives the widest nib variation.

All our calligraphy nibs are laser engraved with the CS logo on the nib. 

These replacement nibs fit most of the modern Conway Stewart pens, and are supplied fitted into a black nib holder so you can simply unscrew the barrel of your pen and screw the new nib holder in. Some nib holders have nib rings so there is a drop down requesting whether your pen has silver, gold or no nib rings.

If your Conway Stewart model is not in the drop down list, please email us for information about the availability. These replacement nibs do not fit vintage Conway Stewart pens. They are also only suitable for Conway Stewart pens with a cartridge /converter. They are not suitable for Winston pens with the captive converter, or any lever fill pens


配件请允许从订购日期到发货 2 - 8 天。